The Networked Condition is an on-going exploration of the often-hidden environmental impact of the creation and delivery of artworks using digital technology. This research-led project is a collaboration between Fast Familiar, Abandon Normal Devices and Arts Catalyst, and part of Julie’s Bicycle Accelerator Programme.

This tool is designed to help anyone who is interested in their carbon footprint and is planning or evaluating a livestreamed event, digital artwork or digital event. The estimates it produces are based on the best data we could find from peer-reviewed academic papers and attributed sources. If you find this tool useful, please share it with your networks.

This tool is most useful as a project planning tool, so you can explore the carbon footprint of different ways of creating and sharing your work and use this to inform how you plan a project. It can also be used at the end of a project, to calculate the footprint that the project used.

For more context about the project, please read the press release